Stat 411/511

Homework 0

Due on canvas Oct 3rd

This homework is designed to get everyone started with RStudio, and familiar with R notebooks and submitting your notebook on canvas. It will be graded as Complete/Incomplete.

Right click on the following two links and choose “Save Link As…” to save the file to your ST511 folder

Open notebook-one.R in RStudio.

Read through the R script file, compile it as a notebook, and have a look through the compiled version. After each of the following steps, compile the notebook again to check your changes worked without error.

  1. Change the heading “Your first R notebook” to “Homework 0” and add your name and your TA’s name instead of mine.

  2. Replace the file image.jpg with a photo of yourself (do this outside RStudio) so instead of my picture, it has a photo of you.

  3. Edit the R script to include a bulleted list of five interesting facts about yourself.

  4. Add the following code (i.e. don’t put any # or #' at the start of the line) on a new line at the end of the R script: sessionInfo()

  5. Save the script as homework-0.R. Compile one last time.

  6. Submit homework-0.docx on canvas under Assignments -> Homework 0.